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Blac Blocs

Years Active 2006-2010

Genre Punk/Hardcore, Rock, Experimental

Members Allan Boyd Trevor Cotton Raymond Grenfell Dion Leeuwenburg

Describe Your Sound

Noisy aggressive guitars, anarchic words and beer drenched man spunk.



Allan and Ray had been playing in loungeroom jam bands for years, Trev and Dion had been playing with themselves for years. Ray met Dion through yoga and it all came together at the Black Dove Social centre in west perth.


Passionate truth tellings, art, activism, sunday beers and failed football stars. Lots of sounds, from post punk to post rock to post post offices.

Shared Bills With

Too many to list. From nearly every local act to internationals like Propagandhi.

Career Highlights

The many backyard shows, many of which were shut down by the Western Australian police force...

Current Activity

The band broke up in 2010 with the release of their full length album. The members when on to play in other Perth bands.

Shared Members With

Radarmaker MiteyKo Zeks The Community Chest Car Crash Face Magick Trousers

Releases by Blac Blocs

Blac Blocs

Self-Titled EP