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Black Moon Howl

Years Active 2017-present

Genre Rock, Indie, Blues

Members Steve Jones, Julian Peterson, and Robb Krysl

Describe Your Sound

Gravity-Defying Indie Psych Blues Rock



Alejandra Abad


Steve heard Julian play guitar with Megan Burtt and was like, “Whaaaaaa, let’s start a band” and Julian was like “Ok cool, I like your hat,” and then Robb went to Steve’s one-man-band show and was like “Whaaaaaa, let’s start a band” and Steve was like “Ok cool, I like your beard,” and then they played together and were like, “Whaaaaaaa, we’re a band.”


Television, The Black Keys, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, Spoon, D'Angelo, Can, The Velvet Underground

Shared Bills With

Not Spices, Sycdvk, Miscomunicado, Wasteland Hop, Winchester Holiday, Lunde Station, Rumor by Moonlight, Young Atlas

Career Highlights

Doing a July 2017 EP release tour of South Florida, hitting up venues in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, etc

Current Activity

The band is in the process of recording our full-length album, and we own/operate a recording studio in Longmont, CO.

Shared Members With

Megan Burtt, Young Atlas, Professor Fox Band

Releases by Black Moon Howl

Black Moon Howl