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Black Parade

Years Active 2015-Present

Genre Pop, Rock, Indie

Members Krystal Webb - Vocals Matt McGuire - Bass Tristan Mamotte - Guitar Kuda Mateta - Drums

Describe Your Sound

90s Power Pop Extraordinaires



Tristan Mamotte


Vocalist Krystal Web was auditioning guitarists for a Pop-Punk group after the dissolution of Summer Collision deciding on Matt and Tristan as guitarists and Kuda for drums. After a revolving door scenario of bassists, Matt surprised the group by displaying some pretty amazing chops on 4-string and has made the move permanent for the forseeable future.


90s Alternative guitar bands such as Garbage, Hole, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins and Friedrich Nietzsche

Shared Bills With

Transnational Crash Fix the World Llamahead Axe Girl J.F.K. June Riot Fine Court

Career Highlights

First gig stage invasion by Where's Wally themed pub crawl.

Current Activity

In the process of writing and getting ready to record at the end of 2016.

Shared Members With

Raging Lincolns The Irrationals Across Mirrors The Maisie Barries Summer Collision

Releases by Black Parade

Toxic Oxygen