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Years Active 2013- present

Genre Electronic, Dance

Members Ben Boyd - BR. BEATS

Describe Your Sound

I make awesome Bangers!!! – Trap Music, EDM, all electronic dance music.



Ben Boyd


Started mixing tracks in my bed room when I was only 13. Thats when my career started, I did small gigs for family and friends, then and made my target bigger by aiming to get my songs onto the internet, then I discovered SoundCloud, through SoundCloud I've met many people who have helped form my passion into a career by giving me great opportunities to preform and get my name out there, they've even promoted me on posters and website.


From a young age I've been into music when most kids would sit watching TV or play video games I would go for long walks with my headphones in looking for inspiration.

Career Highlights

I would have to say all my live performances, they've been amazing with great atmospheres.

Current Activity

Just working on new songs and getting them out there on the internet for people to enjoy, hopefully they will fall into the right hands.

Shared Members With

Galatis DJ Snake Daya Zara Larsson

Releases by BR. BEATS

All releases are on my sound cloud: listen