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Broken Sea

Years Active 2014 - present

Genre Rock

Members Gavin Stumpers Nina Reissinger Skigh McMannus Carleton Freeman

Describe Your Sound

We have tried using all our musical influences and blending it all into one feel and sound. Some of our stuff is quite easy listening with intense build ups (Can You Here Me Now/Release Me). Some songs have a rootsy blues feel with Kyuss/Grinspoon/Nirvana type build up sections (Wardachi/Feel It) while other songs have an old school rock feel to them (Hard To Take/State of Confusion). There¹s plenty of guitar leads with a Hendrix, Slash, SRV vibe going on.



Gavin Stumpers




Strong old school thirst for rock and roll and a passion for releasing life's everyday triumphs and tragedies through their music.

Career Highlights

Douth Bound
Some pub gigs (Dunsborough Pub, Capel Tavern..)

Current Activity


Releases by Broken Sea

State of confusion in 2015 Can You Hear Me Now? Wardachi Release Me Feel It State of Confusion Hard to Take