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Years Active 2010 - Present

Genre Rock, Soul, Indie

Members Sandy McNab - vox & guitar Tanya Acquino - vox Morgan Strong - vox & bass Drew Walton - Drums Meg Travers - Drums (former drummer)

Describe Your Sound

There is no doubt that a Bughunt set is diverse. Influenced by classic rock as well as Indie, Bughunt ranges from smoky
reverb drenched guitars to flat out rock anthems, and songs about everything from rock ‘n roll tragics, to love lost and found, tall tales of impossible feats and everything in
between through to their signature tune, Bughunt which is all about you guessed it catching bugs.
Bughunt traverse rockabilly, rock, power pop, punk, funk, ska and African influenced numbers as well as ballads and slow blues. The Bughunt mission is to get you dancing without forsaking lyrical content; they aim to first engage your hips and then your mind, delivering mature, engaging stories wrapped up in many musical flavours. But ultimately it’s all about fun; a Bughunt gig is not suitable for shoegazing.



Sandy McNab


Bughunt formed in 2010 when Sandy and Meg, long time Perth musical nerds decided to have a jam.


Day of the Dead Tame Impala Love Junkies Doctorpus Sunshine Brothers

Shared Bills With

Galloping Foxleys Aretinos MotET Tar Dust Terror Adaptors Delicious Biscuit Death Valley Sun MTT LAVAL Shimmergloom The Date Strychnine Cowboys Emporers Timothy Nelson

Career Highlights

Launch of 'Bang' to around 90 friends together with Strychnine Cowboys.

Current Activity

The new lineup is busy getting new material ready and is keen to get back in the studio to release some music in 2016.

Releases by Bughunt

Bang is Not A Note - EP /no label/2012/