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Burgers of Beef

Years Active 2001-present

Genre Indie, Pop, Rock

Members Chad Jane, Blainie Fuerst, Dee Kerimofski, Pete Yuncken

Describe Your Sound

Short, eclectic pop songs with a tromboney twist.



Blainie Fuerst


A chance meeting in the supermarket freezer isle. Which also inspired our band name.


Chrism & Fenris, Turnstyle, Oki Oki, The Stickfigures, The Spinsters, Rhonda's Organ, The Automasters, Petanque, Descend Here

Shared Bills With

The Fauves, Sekiden, The Salteens, Abdoujaparov, Chris Chinchilla, Little Lovers, Dave Graney, Fred Astereo, Even, Seja, Cinema Prague, Turnstyle, David McCormack/The Polaroids, The Panics, The Autumn Isles, Institut Polaire, The Bank Holidays; Kill Devil Hills, The Painkillers

Career Highlights

Touring Perth & South West with The Fauves; Touring Melbourne - including playing to a sold out crowd at the East Brunswick Club for the Fauves 1000th show; "Ride to Victory" CD Launch at the Hyde Park Hotel - and fitting a stage and a string section in there.

Current Activity

Currently putting the final touches on our brand spanking new full length album due for release towards the end of 2013

Shared Members With

Chad Jane - The Gizzards, Little White Lies, Jim Trott the Tea Cart Dee Kerimofski - The Community Chest, When the Sky Fell Blainie Fuerst - Chimp, Deb, The Standstill Pete Yuncken - The Community Chest, Trombone moonlighting in The Autumn Isles and 6's & 7's

Releases by Burgers of Beef

Burgers of Beef (10 tracks)


Bingo (6 track EP)


Satellite (3 track single)


Ride to Victory (11 track album)


Quadruple A-Side (4-track EP)


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