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Buzz Kill Vamps

Years Active 2010 - Present

Genre Metal, Rock

Members Present: Brad O'Brien, Mandla Dudley, Mike Slade, Silas Hick Past: Anthony Bal

Describe Your Sound

Dark, heavy groove; melodic metal & hard rock with elements of prog, psychadelic, hardcore & thrash.



Silas Hick


All members had been in bands (both together and separately) around Perth for ~10 years; common musical interests and desired direction among good friends has spawned a tight knit and dedicated outfit


Anime Fire, Paltiva, Opia, Pathogen, Bayou, Leviathan of the Sea, Storytime, Subtruck, Blast Furnace

Shared Bills With

Chainsaw Hookers, Broozer, Devil Rides Out, Paltiva, Bayou, Opia, Law of Attraction, Chasing the Ninth, This Other Eden, Pending the Silence, Hyte, Old Blood, Salmonella Dub

Career Highlights

Winning Global Battle of the Bands 2011, Playing Life's a Beach Festival, appearing on local and U.S. metal compilation releases (Sovereign Studios and 272 Records, California), touring regional WA

Current Activity

Honing new tunes for full length album release mid-2014, East Coast tour April 2014

Releases by Buzz Kill Vamps




Isolation Sickness