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Years Active 2013-

Genre Folk, World

Members Veronique Ramen (vocals), Jon Edwards (guitar)

Describe Your Sound

Cassis is a music duo performing our own compositions, poetic songs about life, love and loss. We also perform French songs by poet and
singer-songwriter Georges Brassens spanning over 30 years from the 50’s to the 80’s.



Jon and I met in 2013. I had been taking singing lessons for a number of years but had not performed outside my classes. We had a French connection! I, being French, and Jon being married to a gorgeous French girl. Even more astonishing is that Jon knew and liked the musicians whose songs I wanted to sing. And So it all began. Although the music I like is very eclectic, I had the desire to sing the songs I remembered from my childhood. Beautiful melodies with poetic lyrics about life, love and loss, stories that still deserve to be sang. Many of those songs are not known outside France. We have taken the songs and have let our feelings reinterpret them our way. They are deeply felt from within. Then we also started to write and compose our own songs.


We came across the monumental work of George Brassens and Jacque Brel, and even though they wrote in different poetic forms and didn't wear colourful costumes, we decided that these, and a handful of other French artists were the contemporary troubadours. So we created our own style of poetic chanson. There is a high degree of wit, emotion, beauty and diversity in all of their and therefore our work.

Career Highlights

Ellington concert.

Current Activity

Writing songs and continue to develop our sound.

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