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Years Active Dec 2015 - current

Genre Rock, Punk/Hardcore

Members Chris Pearce (Vocals and Guitar) Andrew Darbourne (Guitar) Joel Dalton (Drums) Curtis Tunks (Bass)

Describe Your Sound

Grungey alt rock reminiscent of the early 2000’s. Huge riffs and soaring vocals.



Andrew Darbourne


Bunch of mates from Perth, started toying around with some riffs and ideas and thought let's give it a go.


Basement Red Hot Chili Peppers Title Fight Violent Soho Citizen

Career Highlights

Sharing the same bill as Basement, Turnover and Break Even after only being a band for 6 months in 2016.
WA tour with British India in November 2018.
Recording our debut EP 'Ultraviolet' with Dave Parkin at Blackbird Studio.

Current Activity

Writing, getting a bunch of demos up our sleeves to take into 2019.

Shared Members With

Chris Pearce currently plays bass in Perth band 'SAVIOUR'. He also used to play in a band called 'Anchored.' Andrew Darbourne currently plays guitar in Perth band 'Good Doogs' Joel Dalton used to play drums in Perth band 'Dropbears'. Curtis Tunks used to play guitar in 'Artifacts in Motion.'