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Child’s Play

Years Active 2012 to present

Genre Electronic, Hip Hop

Members Sam Newman, Christian Ruggiero, Shannon Patterson

Describe Your Sound

We fuse saxophone, trombone and vox with electronic/hiphop beats. All our own music. We usually go for a loud, energetic, dance vibe… but also like to tone it right back down to chilled out, jazzy vibes.



Sam (beats, trombone) and Christian (sax) were in the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) for 2 years together but always wanted to do more contemporary music that still incorporated their jazz backgrounds. Sam and Shannon (vox) met at an electronic music production course run by SAE and began DJing/MCing at parties together, soon joined by live sax, which then turned in to jams, gigs and songs.


So many electronic hip hop artists/bands like James Ireland, Leon Osborne, Diger Rokwell, Ta-ku, Mathas and everyone on 'The Community,' UpnUp, Mmhhmm, Savior, Weapon is Sound, Freqshow, Pendulum, Watergraves and loads of awesome producers!

Shared Bills With

Dialetrix, Ozi Batla, Grey Ghost, Chasm, Rokwell & Groom, Zeke, UpnUp, Sarah Pellicano, Lo & Behold, Cortext, Tom Drummond, Freqshow, Aysha Amani, Yarkhob.

Career Highlights

Jack McNulty jumping on stage for a rap in one of our songs with a bear suit on.
Playing at an end of the world party at the abandoned Montreal amphitheatre in Freo, where hundreds of people turned out and it just became a chaotic outdoor riot/rave as if you were on some farm in the middle of nowhere.
Pretty much every gig at Mojos.
Playing at Sail n Anchor every sat night, providing us with the most valuable few hours to perform as a band, to learn and try new things, to absorb each others sound and gain trust, week in week out.

Current Activity

We're about to go travelling individually for the next few months, do our own things, study live, come back and keep jamming out.

Releases by Child’s Play

Sounds from the Playground EP