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Christina Crofts

Years Active

Genre Blues, Rock, Country

Members Christina Crofts Steve Crofts Stan Mobbs Ty Coates Tony Boyd Harry Brus Dave Fester Peter Heckenberg

Describe Your Sound

Raw guitar oriented blues/rock with a tinge of country rock/tex/mex



Christina Crofts


I work under my own name now using a reasonably regular rhythm section - I started out in 1996 under the name Croftstown Traffic still as a three piece band doing mainly covers and then branched into eventually going under my own name.


Old school '70's blues/rock artists such as Bad Company, Free, Hendrix, Rory Gallagher, Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival and also people such as Bonnie Raitt, ZZ Top, David Lindley, Ian Moss etc.

Career Highlights

Reaching number one this week on the AMRAP regional charts!

Several great reviews of my recordings

Appearances on Thredbo Blues Festival 2011 & 2016, Appearing on Narooma Blues Festival 2000 and 2013,

Playing on the Blues Train in Melbourne a couple of times.

Current Activity

I'm up to promoting the hell out of my latest EP and spreading the word and working on tour dates to support this. I have an official radio launch happening on Feb 14th with Ross Fear's Australian Spectrum program

Shared Members With

Stan Mobbs plays bass in my band and on the current recording, He plays as a long time member of The Foreday Riders, has played with Mal Eastick Band. Tony Boyd plays drums with me regularly ..he plays in many local blues/soul bands such as Kate Lush Band, Simon Kinney Lewis, Mal Eastick etc. Peter Heckenberg is currently touring wiht Rose Tattoo

Releases by Christina Crofts

Like We Used To EP


Midnight Train