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Christmas Album

Years Active 2011-2015

Genre Experimental, Electronic, Rap

Members Kaleb Withers, Jocelyn Withers

Describe Your Sound

We parody Christmas music by appropriating popular music and Christmas-ifying it. We also write originals regarding Christmas in styles that would not otherwise be considered ‘Festive’.



Kaleb Withers


We are a married couple who have a background in music and performance, so we decided to create an annual Christmas Album as a means of stretching our creative muscles. Traditional creative means such as bands, orchestras and ensembles did not appeal to our sense of creative freedom.


Christmas Music generally sucks pretty bad, however we draw inspiration from it's distinctive style.

Career Highlights

Christmas Album 3 Launch and Christmas Album 4 launch were memorable and crazy events.

Current Activity

We are distributing Christmas Album 4 and preparing to plan Christmas Album 5 for 2016. We're building a youtube presence with a childrens TV show called Baby Christmas Tree, who serves as the Album mascot.

Releases by Christmas Album

Christmas Album 2



Christmas Album 3



Christmas Album 4