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Years Active 2012 - present

Genre Indie, Rock, Country

Mark Ballesteros- Lead Guitar
David Blackie- Drums
Paul Dennis- vocal, Guitar, harmonica
Mike Jones- Rhythm guitar
Rob Preisig- Bass

Describe Your Sound

Clarksville have a retro feel with a rock n’ roll base, hints of country creating pop with a good dose of feel good hooks. The guitars twang and jangle as the songs flow from rockers to a lover’s lament



We grew out of a bunch of guys getting together to jam covers back in 2012. Paul started to write and bring songs to the band to make our own thing and have a bit more fun. People came and went but the current line up was fixed by 2016


The Beatles, Alex Turner, Elvis Costello, The Blackeyed Susans, Chris Isaak, Sarah Blasko, The Pretenders, The Smiths, Chuck Berry, Dusty Springfield, and so many more!

Career Highlights

Recording our first 7 songs in December 1018.

Current Activity

Writing and recording new tracks for release this year.

Shared Members With

Mark Ballesteros plays bass with The Strays

Releases by Clarksville

Release to Spotify - Coming soon