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Command A Panda

Years Active 2016-2018

Genre Rock, Blues, Punk/Hardcore

Members Matt Hort (singer, guitarist)
Tim Hosken (drummer)

Describe Your Sound

At first you could say Command A Panda is a punk rock band, but if you look past the black and white you will see there is more to them than originally hits the ears. They never employ a single-focused sound though you can be sure that certain elements and hooks will recur. Their sound is like a cross between the blues rock of Albert King and the punk rock of Johnny Ramone (if you don’t know these names then google it and start living life!) and every song punches you hard, as Matt and Tim have really hit their creative peak tinkering with a form of music as old as rock while still bringing a modern energy.



Lucy (Manager)


Met in previous band The Rumble


The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and everything else we've ever heard.

Career Highlights

Mini Tour to Esperance

Current Activity

Recording another album

Shared Members With

The Rumble