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Crisis Mr.Swagger

Years Active 1999 - 2015

Genre Hip Hop,Rap,World/Global

Members Crisis Mr. Swagger,Arnold Muza (Stage support Dancer)

Describe Your Sound

International Afro-Hip-Hop meets Dr. Dre/Rakim/Pink Floyd and Bob Marley all in one. Varies on song mood.



Djess Horner


It all started in my birth place, Lusaka, Zambia, Africa.I was 10 years old when I got my first dose of Hip-Hop. While chilling in the kitchen, waiting for my mother to make dinner, I heard a song by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five called 'The Message.' I loved rhyming in nursery so, this artform really appealed to me. This is when I decided that rapping was going to be my Bread and Butter My friends and I formed a Hip-Hop trio called 'Negro League' named after the US baseball team that was not allowed to play national games due to racism. We did not get a chance to get radio play and, so we took on this name as it only made sense, plus we were three African kids with ambition and an ability to compete with the majors. Two years later, I went solo and took on the name MC Crisis. The name came from the fact that, I used to read a lot of comic books like Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Powerman and Iron Fist, Superman and Batman etc. Because of this Superhero influence, I decided that Hip-Hop was in a crisis and it needed a savior. That's how I got my name. Fast forward to 2005, I had gained traction by being a sought after rapper in my city for radio drops and jingles etc. I did this for a few years and then a label picked me up and, I made my first professionally recorded music and release on a local compilation called Rhythm Nation with a song called 'The City.' In January, 2005 I released the first Hip-Hop album, produced and recorded in Zambia under the name 'C.R.I.$.I.$.' After recording a few more LP', my 2009 project was titled 'Mr Swagger,' a name that came from the fans describing my persona. In the end, everyone started calling me 'Crisis Mr. Swagger' or simply 'Mr. Swagger'.


Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five,Dr. Dre,Erick B. & Rakim,Public Enemy,Big Daddy Kane,Boogie Down Productions,KRS One,Snoop Dogg,Eminem.

Shared Bills With

Dj Yella of NWA,Curtis Young,Akon,Sean Paul,Liquid Deep,Eskimo Joe,E-40,Warren-G,Oliver Mthukudzi,AKA,Slumberjack,Ruby Boots,Kučka,DMX,Marlisa(2014 X-Factor Winner) and many more.

Career Highlights

2002 - Came second in a rap battle on live TV in South Africa

2005 - Release first Hip-Hop album in Zambia

2006 - Award Winner - Best Zambian Hip-Hop artist

2006 - Highest selling local Hip-Hop album totaling 30,000 units, a
combination of CD's and Cassettes

2006 - Channel-O Awards Performance

2006 - Performed at Oxjam in the United Kingdom

2007 - Made first International release in the UK with the album

2008 - Recorded a song against Human Trafficking that was picked up by
IOM (International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the International
Labor Organisation (ILO)

2009 - Released 'Mr. Swagger' LP that got me to change my name to 'Crisis
Mr. Swagger.'

2010 - Performed at an MTV Base, World Cup Event in South Africa

2010 - Nominated for Best Video, Southern Africa at The Channel-O Music
Video Awards

2012 - Got invited to attend the Grammy's and found out that an LP I
released in the U.K. is Grammy recognised

2012 - Recorded a song called 'Mustang Music' which was dedicated to the
late Carroll Shelby and has been acknowledged and appreciated by his
widow Cleo Shelby

2014 - Performed at State of The Art Festival

2014 - Performed at The Beaufort Street Festival

2015 - Supported DJ Yella of NWA on his Straight Outta Compton Australia

2015 - For many years, in my career, I really wanted to release an album
on the full moon. I was able to achieve this on the 3rd of June, 2015

Current Activity

Crisis Mr. Swagger has just released a new LP titled The Quiet Don Vol. 1.Currently promoting it, doing show's, networking and getting the music to as many outlets as possible while trying to get distribution too.

Releases by Crisis Mr.Swagger

The Quiet Don Vol. 1

Diamond Chain Music