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Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop.

Members Culver

Describe Your Sound

I don’t like to limit myself to one genre and I probably don’t have any particular sound to describe. I try to produce as much of a variety as I can not only so I can learn more but because my musical taste isn’t restricted to one style/genre so why should I be. It is however all electronic.



I've played piano all my life and always been right into my music. Around the age 17, I went to the music shop planning to buy a synthesizer with the intention of playing around with cool electronic sounds. I ended up walking out with cubase and a midi keyboard and have produced ever since.


Knife party and Shockone would have to be my main ones!

Career Highlights

Nothing worth noting so far.

Current Activity

I'm still producing as much as I can, trying to improve. I'm learning how to DJ as well so I can play live. I'm also trying to promote myself a bit more and hoping to gain some followers.