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Dan Peters

Years Active 2013 to Present

Genre Rock, Indie, Experimental

Members Dan Peters

Describe Your Sound

Draw out a 3×3 naughts and crosses grid and then put the following bands / individuals into their own square
Pixies, Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, Josh Homme, Radiohead, At the Drive-In, Muse, FIDLAR,
Then draw a big circle around it.
My sound is somewhere around there.



Dan Roberts


Well as it was explained to me; when a man loves a woman, and woman loves a man, sometimes shit happens in a little cabin in England outside of wedlock. According to the leading medical journals, I would have commenced forming within 2 hours of the cabin rendezvous.


Every single bit of music that has entered these ears and have registered in my brain as (a) good or (b) tell fingers to change the dial

Career Highlights

Drummer breaking 9 sticks during a 45 minute set. He's not blind and they weren't rim shots. I got splinters from cleaning up after and the farmer next door got mulch for his garden.

Current Activity

Recording my next album and shooting a filmclip.

Releases by Dan Peters

Oh Valentine



Everything is Calmer Underwater