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Dan Peters

Years Active 2012

Genre Rock, Indie, Pop

Members Dan Roberts

Describe Your Sound

Sound is alternative rock. Structure of songs from the album are primarily set around dance song structures with a rock influence as a result of a heavy use of guitar loops.  Songs have a beginning and an end rather than verse-chorus-verse-chorus etc. A wide range of musical influences shine through thanks to 20 years of listening to his brothers extensive CD collection.



Dan Roberts


Dan Peters is a solo singer / songwriter than performs live with a band.


The Love Junkies, The MDC, Gyroscope

Career Highlights

Getting played on JJJ and getting props from Adam Ayan - a man who has mastered releases from Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, Queen....a lot of awesome and inspiring artists.

Current Activity

Rehearsing whenever available for a summer of touring.

Releases by Dan Peters

Everything is Calmer Underwater