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Dave Fontana

Years Active 2013-Present

Genre Rock, Pop, Punk/Hardcore

Members Dave Fontana

Describe Your Sound

A mix of fast and slow melodic songs for you to enjoy. My music varies from rock, punk, mellow rock, electronic to rap.



Dave Fontana


Just love music, played in cover bands before but now working on originals in my spare time.


Blink 182, Snow Patrol, Good Charlotte, Motor Ace, Oasis, Travis, Simple Plan, Yellow Card

Career Highlights

Playing in many venues around Perth and WA in cover bands. Standouts though were Private Function gigs at The Convention Centre and Burswood Ballrooms.

Current Activity

Just writing originals at home.

Shared Members With

Intake, Audacity, Envy, Living Large, Switch, Graphic Fiction Heroes

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