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Hieronymus FTP

Years Active 2018

Genre Dance, Electronic

Members David de la Hunty

Describe Your Sound

Hieronymus FTP is about electronic dance music. My current obsession is European electronic music, which is a subtly different flavor from the Anglophone variety. Frequently, they sing in English. Hieronymus FTP is a reflection of the European sound but we embrace European language in our songwriting and adaptations. This is EDM with a different flavor.



David de la Hunty


Hieronymus FTP represents the fulfillment of a dream of past Perth independent musician, David de la Hunty, to write and produce music with a singular vision. I give myself an open license, actively avoid presets and am not attempting to construct a badge - just allow my creative drive to take me where it pleases. David is also a young adult fiction author and ophthalmic surgeon.


The inputs are diverse: Severed Heads, Cabaret Voltaire, Daft Punk, Moby, Deadmau5, Rammstein, Vitalic, SebastiAn, Nero, Puzique and many others.

Career Highlights

Sebastian being alive in 2018 when music can be written, recorded and distributed worldwide with minimal equipment and resources.

Current Activity

Hieronymus FTP is a music production experiment without a live presence at the moment. This is subject to review depending on the interest in our songs.

Shared Members With

Former frontman (singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist) with The House That Jack Built, Perth, 1984-86 Former member of electronic duo, Bed Of Roses, Perth, 1987-1988

Releases by Hieronymus FTP

Primitive tunes

Nous Pâlissons