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Delilah Rose & the Gunslingers

Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Country, Folk, Blues

Members Delilah Rose Sammy Samson Alex Papps Bec Moroney Nici Bull

Describe Your Sound

DRG’s sound is good-natured countrified folk-a-billy, Delilah’s writing carries the soul of deep south America to the doorstep of rural WA and finds a home in tales of our own Wild West.





Delilah and Colin have known each other since nappies and when asked to put some drums to Dee's song, he jumped at the chance. Alex and Bec happened organically after a couple of conversations and jams. Nici pops her head in from time to time when she's not busy having a baby.


Patsy Cline, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, JD McPherson, The Animals & Doris Day, JD McPherson, Gravel & Stone, Shakey Graves, Esme Patterson, The Stones, Otis Reading, Imelda May, Ruby Boots, Boom, Bap, Pow...

Shared Bills With

Flyball Gov'nor Them Jackdaws Kenny Austin Still Frame Mind Blue Hornet

Career Highlights

Nannup Music Festival 2016 & Fringe Festival 2016

Current Activity

Delilah is gathering her band of gunslingers and writing songs furiously! Recording is on the cards for December 2015.

Shared Members With

Alex Papps plays bass for Flyball Gov'nor, Colin and Bec play in a bunch of cover bands and both Nici Bull and Delilah used to play in Liquid Lounge