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Years Active 2019 - Present

Genre Electronic, Dance, Experimental

Members Lee Reid

Describe Your Sound

Psychedelic electronica encompassing aspects of various genres. Intelligent sound design. Progressive midtempo and downtempo arrangements.



Lee Reid


Tinkering with electronic production for several years, the hobby slowly turned into a dedication as I developed my own sound.


Growing up listening to metal and progressive, psychedelic bands. Introduced to the WA psytrance scene a decade ago and fell in love with intelligently made electronica.

Shared Bills With

None as yet, never dj'd and always told myself i'd wait until its 100% original music before playing. I have several gigs booked for the rest of this year.

Career Highlights

Finishing my first full-length EP.

Current Activity

Working and writing music.

Releases by Derotonin

Mongolloidal Silver - Full length album released on Adapted Records, August 2020. VA contribution with Sentimony Records, November 2020. Second full length album announced December 2020.