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Dimera Mansion

Years Active 2015 - Present

Genre Electronic,Pop

Members Ross Dimera and Taylor Dimera.

Describe Your Sound

Upbeat integration of electronic and pop music, the combination of which
contributes to the perfect recipe for foot tapping and positivity.



As brothers we stuck together when our band 'The Babalas' parted ways as some of us entered 'the real world'.


A life time of Days of our Lives combined with an appetite to get people dancing!

Career Highlights

Releasing an HD music video which cost us $0!
Getting our music onto iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazonmusic and Spotify.

Current Activity

Trying to get the exposure we require to make our musical journey something more permanent. Hence we've taken to facebook for which we have had a great response and are building our Twitter community now!

Shared Members With

The Babalas - Taylor Dimera was the lead guitarist and vocalist whilst Ross Dimera was a novice keyboarder who utilised just two fingers!

Releases by Dimera Mansion

Dimera Mansion

"Good Girl" Single

"so Fly" Single