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Years Active 2015-

Genre Rock, Experimental, Indie

Members Marcus Roberts Karl Hiller Alex Megaw

Describe Your Sound

DMTELLIC is a psychedelic project/concept album. A journey through time and space where all that matters is not always as it seems. Featuring some members of Perth psychedelic outfit WORMHOLE, The VOLCANICS and The Witches, DMTELLIC is an existential soundscape at times lush and ambient mirroring thematic textures, watery guitar tones and vocal dark matter. Is this the point between the earth and the sky? Is the first single release from the self titled album DMTELLIC to be released early 2017.



Marcus Roberts


Lead by Marcus Roberts of Wormhole DMTELLIC was born out of a desire to explore musical expressionism and surrealism. An exploration into the unknown dream states that exist halfway between here and nowhere.


The universe

Career Highlights

WAM festival
Finishing a full length psychedelic album that is by far the best work we have done to date- This album has pushed all involved to another level of musicianship.
Creating the name DMTELLIC and launching it as a genre-
we are not just psychedelic rock - we are DMTELLIC rock

Current Activity

About to release our first album as DMTELLIC gigging trying to get airplay!!!

Shared Members With

The volcanics Wormhole The witches Eye Spy The Soul atomics Dr Preposterous