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Donna Iverson

Years Active 1993 - Present

Genre Indie, Folk

Members Donna Iverson Kate Jensen - vocal harmonies, melodica, percussion, harmonica Kym Hales -bass Nathan Manage - drums Julian Nichols - violin

Describe Your Sound

dreamy indie folk, lush harmonies woven into melodic musings on love and life



Donna Iverson


Kate and I met in 2015 while in rehearsal for a Fringe Festival Show we were both performing in called Brothers and Sisters. The "Brothers and Sisters"show included a large cast of Perth musicians and we performed the music from the film 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou?' I really loved Kate's vocal timbre and warmth and I knew she would add something lovely to my songs. So I invited Kate to add harmonies to a recording project I had started. Not long after, we began playing some gigs together. Nathan Manage recorded my EP Hidden Gem at Sweet Cheeks Studio and played drums on the EP. So I invited him to join me to play drums for the Hidden Gem EP launch at Mojos. Kym Hales I met many years ago and we jammed from time to time. He was happy to join the band for the launch also. I met Julian Nichols when he was busking on violin, outside my Coles some years ago. I expressed interest in working with him some day. Lucky for me he agreed to addd violin to Hidden Gem ,2 live recorded videos and play at the EP launch also.


Donnas songs derive influences from Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, The Clouds, The Sundays,Cocteau Twins, Suzanna Vega, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Fleet Foxes and Tin Pan Orange, with echoes of Irish and Latino tempos.

Shared Bills With

Matt Cal Natasha Shanks Leah Miche Roly Skender Paul McCarthy Steve Tallis Brett Keyser Elk Bell Jenny Guant Trio Nyanda J. Naanod Angus Dawson David Hyams Paige McNaught Ezereve Rhys Wood Tim and Pete Underwood Yoyo Sun Dave Robertson Natalie Carmody David Pensebene Keith Renshaw Little Hawk Steve Hensby Band Mike Cardy Nicky De Blank Jeff Strong Miranda Aitken David Wheeler

Career Highlights

Hidden Gem EP launch at Mojos 13 August 2020
RTRfm Radiothon 2020 Rock'n the Roots guest appearance
Under the Sun at Sunset Veranda, 25 January 2020
Urban Orchard, Fringe Central, 29 January 2020
Perth Royal Show, Community Stage 2019
Fringe Festival sell out show "Brothers and Sisters" 2015

Current Activity

We are working on new songs and rehearsing for more shows. New music clips to be released soon and more recording of new songs. Planning for festival submissions!

Shared Members With

Simon Johnstone - Dosil Lisod, Melbourne 1996/7 Stillano Briggs - Lunasea, Melbourne 1998-2000

Releases by Donna Iverson

Hidden Gem EP 2020 Independent release Object of Desire EP Independent release (not officially released yet)