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Dr. J

Years Active 2016 -Present

Genre Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop

Members Jay Fitzgerald

Describe Your Sound

Varied. I make music that I like the sound of, and it involves different and varied styles.



Jay Fitzgerald


I've been a DJ since 1992 and have always dabbled with remixing and creating through various means.


Inspiration can come from any piece of music that I hear, be it in a film, TV series, computer game, even something that I've listened to 10,000,000,000 times before. 1980's and 1990's Rap and Hip Hop will always interest me , as does House music and Disco. I also like a lot of Soundtrack music. As for artist who influence and inspire me, I'll only list a few because there are far too many otherwise. Harold Faltermeyer Jan Hammer John Carpenter Enigma Thomas Baertschi Beck Public Enemy

Career Highlights

Made an actual album CD.
Broadcast an album launch stream which some people actually heard.
Heard my music in some friend's online streams.

Current Activity

Currently remixing a few tracks and creating new ones for a new album.

Research conducted by: Jay Fitzgerald

Releases by Dr. J

Thank You Computer Man