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Edie Green

Years Active 2013 - Current

Genre Experimental, Indie

Members Sophie Weigele Conor McErlean Tyler Ray Michie Shaun Liddle Jennings

Describe Your Sound

Edie Green is the sonic result of a four-way rivalry between beat-wizard Tyler, neck fiddler Conor, Shaun the organic subwoofer, and lip wiggler Sophie



Ruby May


Friends jamming


The Strokes The Pixies Betty Davis coastlines Erykah Badu roadtrips Kings of Leon

Shared Bills With

San Cisco Jinja Safari

Career Highlights

Fairbridge Festival
Hidden Treasures
Festival of the Winds

Current Activity

Fresh release of 'The Sea It Binds You' EP

Shared Members With

Lachlan Elliot

Research conducted by: Ruby May

Releases by Edie Green