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Eyes Cast Skyward

Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Metal

Members Brandon Montaut - Vocals Jaxon Burn / Sam Crees - Guitars Toby Thomas - Bass Matt Unkovitch - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Fast paced, groove metal with a progressive edge.



Brandon Jaxon and Sam went to the same school, we met Matt later down the track. We knew Toby from playing alongside his band Severtone, and he agreed to fill in for us.


Tusk, Ascension, Make Them Suffer, Severtone

Career Highlights

Playing Academy at Amplifier bar.

Current Activity

Preparing to begin the writing process on a full-length album

Shared Members With

Paradise in Exile, Anchored, It All Ends Here, Xenobiotic, Tusk, Severtone

Releases by Eyes Cast Skyward

Fractures, 2014 (Debut EP)