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Years Active 2015 - Present

Genre Electronic

Members Isaac Lee

Describe Your Sound

A little bit of thought at creativity injected into semi-dance music with
the odd time-signature shift.



Started making music a little while ago on my sisters laptop using garageband and just kind of grew from there.


When i first started to make music i was influenced heavily by progressive house producers like Deadmau5 and Mango, but over the years as my tastes in music have changed, so have my influences and, in turn, my music. I draw influences from all kinds of genres: psychedelic and ambient music, IDM, jazz, math rock, progressive rock, and so on. Artists such as Jon Hopkins, Animal Collective, Gil Scott-Heron, TTNG, and Galapagoose, amongst others, have all had an influence on my music.

Career Highlights

Its been a pretty uneventful ride so far, given the fact I'm young and
have only really been making music seriously for three or four years. The
most exciting thing that's happened so far is having one of my tracks
played on a radio show called NEXT in Melbourne.

Current Activity

Just working on my music, developing my own unique sound and learning how to convey emotions through it. In general, just growing as an artist.

Releases by Flis

Getting Somewhere






Stylized Violence


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