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Flood the Moon

Years Active 2017-Present

Genre Indie, Electronic, Pop

Members Aaron Crosby Caleb Drage

Describe Your Sound

A dynamic Indie/Electro/Pop two-piece with a catchy, upbeat and infections sound. Fusing a generous measure of samples, synths and arpedios with the energy and vulnerability of a rock band.





We met at school and formed a band together when we finished high school. We have been though two incarnations since then. (Oblivion 2007-2010) us with a drummer and (Like a Thief 2010-2017) us with a different drummer. We started Flood the Moon as a two piece in 2017 when our former band (Like a Thief) ended.


Almost Everything! We have a very diverse interest in music but some top picks would be: Radiohead mewithoutyou Nick Cave Lenard Cohen The Killers Tame Impala Daft Punk Vulfpeck The Wombats

Shared Bills With

Switchfoot Karnivool British India San Cisco Northeast Party House The Love Junkies Nicole Millar All Day Ocean Grove Tired Lion Carla Geneve Foxton Kings Indigo Valdaway MYTHS Mossy Fog Laurie Luke Archer & Light Ray Finkle The Disappointed Odlaw Girl York Homestate Custom Royal Brufield Gryff Lights of Berlin

Career Highlights

Playing Support Shows for Switchfoot, Karnivool and Northeast Party House (among others)
Playing some east coast shows

Current Activity

We have been recording and releasing music as much as we can and getting our live show refined. We are writing new music and Currently we have 3 unreleased tracks that we are finishing up and preparing to release. We are also working on film clips and lyric videos and are booking WA shows. As well we have also booked studio time to record more material in the coming months.

Shared Members With

Only as previously stated. (Oblivion and Like a Thief). These bands don't exist as in both cases they were just us and a drummer. Both drummers have stopped playing music professionally.

Releases by Flood the Moon


Let Down



Open Fire



Edge of Silence



Timing is Everything



Can You Feel It?