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Fly Net Essentials

Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Country,Folk,Indie

Members Adam Symonds Andreas Scheib

Describe Your Sound

A humble, no-fuss indie acoustic guitar sound with catchy melodic riffs giving a minimalistic yet atmospheric feel.



Adam Symonds, Andreas Scheib


A couple of years ago a Welsh man and a German met at work and quickly realised that they shared a similar passion for rock music, gigging and playing the guitar. Both had played in bands in previous lives and decided to get together for a few jams. Playing together felt natural, the chemistry was right and ultimately lead them to write their own original songs. Initially these songs were aimed at a full set “rock band”, but due to the lack of a drummer, they tried their songs as stripped-down acoustic versions… and during a recent field trip to the Western Australian outback they recorded their songs under the stars on an iPad!!!


Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, the Clash, Ryan Adams, Nirvana, Mumford&Sons.

Career Highlights

Current Activity

Rehearsing and planning to play our songs at gigs across Perth.