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Fox Jellyfish

Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Rock, Pop, Indie

Members Riley Dee See - guitar & vocals Jonathon Bramfield - guitar, tambo & vocals Fabian Rojas - drums Louis Masarei - bass

Describe Your Sound

Just another garagey psychey surfy rock band from the northern suburbs



We kinda spawned from Electric Toad in 2013/14 ... Riley asked Fabian to drum with us at Louis' mum's house, after a few jams we played our first show in Jonathon's backyard, which was pretty fun


The Electric Toad affiliation, Jonestown, Dandys, Ty, Spacemen 3, sixties garage in general

Career Highlights

Being invited to play at Mojos on Doctopus's 2014 Tour de Perth after our first show; playing in the carpark of the White Sands in Scarborough and getting told off by the hotel owner for using their power without asking first

Current Activity

Due to individual commitments it's rather difficult to get us all together on a regular basis ... so not much

Shared Members With

Electric Toad, The Pissedcolas, Lost/Tuneless

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