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Years Active

Genre Rock, Punk, Hardcore

Members Nicholai Jakosz Linden Marissen Tom Wilson Joseph Ludwik Szczepaniak

Describe Your Sound

Alternative Grunge Punk Rock, high energy, sweet riffs, and beers



Nicholai Jakosz and Joseph Ludwik Szczepaniak have been jamming in bands together since high school, after writing some short, simple songs under the guise of Furball, Tom Wilson joined shortly followed by Linden Marissen.


Basement, Wavves, Title Fight, Nirvana, Pup, Fidlar etc;

Career Highlights

Playing Jam-boree #4 at Jack Rabbit Slims

Current Activity

Playing more shows, trying to expand our fan base, and write newer and better music

Shared Members With

BLOOMS, Sanctions, Protest, Foul Mouth, Gutter Drakes

Releases by Furball

Don't Worry About Anything (Single)