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Years Active 1995 to current

Genre Experimental, Electronic, Punk/Hardcore

Members Claire Pannell

Describe Your Sound

A prolific DIY noise-art maker who incorporates punk, noise, science and weirdness into her creations. She uses voice, regular instruments and takes her sounds from the natural vibrations created from everyday objects.



Claire Pannell


It's just me..


Chris Cobilis, Rachael Kuan, Oranj Punjabi (Melbourne)

Career Highlights

Touring USA and NZ (several times)
Playing at Sound Summit in Newcastle
Sound for entrance at Mart Museum, Italy water exhibition
Playing at International Noise Conference in Melbourne and Sydney

Current Activity

New CD out right now! Currently working on sound design for Jukstapoz Co. dance company in Greece, Borderline Listening Post in Lyttelton’s transitional Civic Square, Christchurch.

Shared Members With

Nathan Kelly/Quick, Chris Cobilis & Chris Hudson/Sexy Band, Amy Church/iambe, Josh Diamond and Lizzie/Gang Gang Dance, Gerard Cosloy/Air Traffic Controllers, Laundry Room Squelchers, Froit Head (NZ), C.U.N.T. (NZ), K-Tel Dancers (NZ) Malcolm Riddoch, Jeremy Hicks/Katerpillar Tractor Concept (NZ), Adam Burgess / Brown, Tom Greenwood and Jackie O Motherfucker (USA)

Releases by Furchick

Rabbits in Space


Panty Face


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