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Years Active 2011- Present

Genre Metal

Members David Sayers - Vocals, Guitar Scott Andrews - Drums

Describe Your Sound

2 Piece Doom Metal



David Sayers


We began practicing in late 2010 at the Dhammaloka Buddhist Temple


The Devil Rides Out, Chainsaw Hookers, Brutus, Forstora, Wizard Sleeve, Buzz Kill Vamps, Bayou, Heytesburg, Fear of Comedy, These Shipwrecks, Scalphunter, Misty Mountain, Paltiva, The Moltens, Cal Peck & The Tramps, Ourobonic Plague, Solar Barge, Psychonaut, Mhorgl, Memoria, Thaddaeus, Opia, The Meaning Of, Hyte, Spacebong, Poisonous Viper Gang, Reapers Riddle, Malignant Monster, , The Floors, Dyatlov, The Branson, Tramps, Old Blood, Warthreat, Bamodi, The Reptilians, Ex-Craw, Steadfast, The Choke, Agitated, Catalyst, Cavalier.

Shared Bills With

Arrowhead (NSW), Broozer (VIC)

Career Highlights

Release of debut EP in 2012

Current Activity

Currently recording new music for 2013-2014 release

Shared Members With

Scott Andrews (Shock Octopus)

Releases by GOAT

Sign of the Dead