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Years Active 2014-

Genre Rock

Members Louis Crumblish - Lead Vocals, Guitar. Jackson Hall - Bass. Harry Garvey - Drums, Vocals.

Describe Your Sound

Alternative rock tinged with any bits and pieces of other genres that we feel like, including electronic, indie and reggae.



Harry Garvey


We were in a couple of high school bands together from around 2012, until in Year 12 we decided to get serious and we've been a proper band ever since.


We like to make friends with all the bands we play alongside and bounce ideas from what we hear.

Shared Bills With

Redgate, Sneaky Jackal, Vespertine Vescada, When Autumn Falls, Fine Court, Old Blood, Hideous Sun Demon and Mt Mountain, to name a few.

Career Highlights

Writing, recording and producing our debut album First Contact all by ourselves from August to December 2016, due for release on January 10th, 2017.

Current Activity

Promoting our debut album and gigging like crazy

Releases by Godzealot

Rorschach / Project March



Wilson (Single)