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Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Rock

Members Louis Crumblish - Lead Vocals / Guitar Jackson Hall - Bass Harry Garvey - Drums

Describe Your Sound

Like Arctic Monkeys had a baby with Muse, then that baby listened to Queens of the Stone Age and Twelve Foot



Harry Garvey


Through high school in music class, with three guys super serious about tasty jams.


Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, Twelve Foot Ninja, Arctic Monkeys, Mastodon

Career Highlights

Recording the first two singles, Rorschach and Project March.

Current Activity

Searching for shows and writing new music.

Shared Members With

Drummer Harry Garvey is also in Prog Metal band Vespertine Vescada.

Releases by Godzealot

Rorschach & Project March