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Grace Armstrong

Years Active 2017 - now

Genre Indie, Pop, Jazz

Members Grace Armstrong - lead vocals, guitar Christian Zappia - lead guitar Josh Wright - drums Marley Donnan-Cook - keys Benjamin Vaughan - Bass

Describe Your Sound

Grace Armstrong writes songs that are very vocally dominant. Her combination of pop, indie and a touch of smooth jazzy vocals gives her songs a spicy kick to them. With lead guitarist Christian Zappia beefing out her songs, and Marley Donnan-Cook adding layered keys, they’re brought to life. Drummer Josh Wright and bassist Benjamin Vaughan are a power duo, giving the songs their punchy backbone.



Grace Armstrong was lucky enough to become friends with Josh, Christian, Marley and Benjamin during her time at WAAPA, and asked them to form a band after admiring them all as individuals.


Paul Kelly, The Waifs, Julia Jacklin, Gretta Ray, Meg Mac, The Pretenders

Career Highlights

Drunk patrons dancing to my songs on a Wednesday night in Scarborough!

Current Activity

Grace is busy writing new songs to bring to the band, playing gigs along the way. She is hoping to release an EP sometime in the next year.

Shared Members With

Grace Armstrong, Josh Wright and Benjamin Vaughan are members in Lake Louise Christian Zappia and Josh Wright are members of Wooly Mammoth Marley Donnan-Cook is a member of Demon Days

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Releases by Grace Armstrong

The Blue