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Great Gable

Years Active 2014 - present

Genre Indie, Rock, Reggae

Members Matt Preen, Alex Whiteman, Brandon Richards, Callum Guy

Describe Your Sound

Alt-rock infused with reggae and blues.



Matt Preen


Starting out late 2014 as Alex Whiteman (Vocals/Guitar) and Matt Preen (Lead Guitar), Great Gable had a rotating rhythm section until Brandon Richards (Bass) and Callum Guy (Drums) joined in mid-2015 after meeting at WAAPA, completing the lineup.


Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, Sticky Fingers, The Clash

Career Highlights

Winning the state Campus Band comp and playing in Sydney for the final (2015)

Winning Stagebound to play at Southbound in 2016

Polling number 1 in the Live and Local top 20 countdown in 2015

Current Activity

About to start recording debut EP

Releases by Great Gable

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