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Years Active 2019 - Present

Genre Electronic, Metal, Experimental

Members Luke Keogh

Describe Your Sound

A blend of eerie dark tones with slamming bass



Luke Keogh


While in-between metal bands, I wanted to keep writing songs while being independent, however as a drummer I felt like electronic music production was my only way of achieving this. I had taught myself music production over the last 7 years so I thought I might as well just release some music as an actual entity.


I come from a metal background so bands like Volumes, Northlane, Skipknot. Then I got into the heavy EDM scene with Skrillex, Deathpact, Golden Features, Virtual Riot etc. I'm influenced constantly by all the amazing artists out there and I hope I'm able to inspire others too.

Career Highlights

Having distant friends of friends recognise me as Gullet or just people sharing the music and hearing their appreciation for it is always great to hear. I got my EP mastered by Twerl and hearing positive feedback from him was really rewarding.

Current Activity

At the moment I've got a 4 track EP all done and ready to be released. Just currently working on a launch event for it.

Shared Members With

I used to be in Bromfield and Dead Famous. Both are metal bands that are now retired.

Releases by Gullet