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Halcyon Daze

Years Active 1 year

Genre Pop, Dance, Country

Members Rob Baxter Rob Arrathoon Dave Berry George MacFarlane Greg Schultz Kirste Oates

Describe Your Sound

80’s electronic pop.



Rob Baxter


'Halcyon Daze' is ultimately a project conceived by Rob Baxter that consists of a number of transient musicians... The story of 'Decodance' (and ultimately the formation of Halcyon Daze) began after Rob had shown Greg Schultz (a well known local musician) a set of lyrics for a new song. Rob wanted this song to have an 80's pop feel to it, to which Greg duly obliged by utilising his considerable keyboard and production talents. Add to the mix an assorted array of musicians and Halcyon Daze was born. Not to be pigeon holed, Halcyon Daze even turn their hand to a bit of Johnny Cash in their inspired re-work of Rob Baxter's 'The Moon and the Thief'!


Morrisey, Kraftwerk, Sisters Of Mercy, Johnny Cash, Boney M, Jimmy Nail

Career Highlights

The release of our debut 6 track EP

Current Activity

We're busy promoting the new 6 track EP

Releases by Halcyon Daze

Decodance (6 track EP)