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Hannah Mae And The Hoodwinks

Years Active

Genre Pop, Indie, Folk

Members Hannah Mae Jasper Emmitt Miller Dylan Hooper Jameson Feakes Cale Blythe

Describe Your Sound

A five piece indie collective that combines folk roots with jazz undertones to bring a retro chic pop band.



It was a stormy afternoon when songstress Hannah Mae was challenged by her friend to put together a band to collaborate and expand on her solo ukulele tunes. Out into the weather she trod to find 4 shredders to bring her sweet songs a new punch. She met Jameson in a warm auditorium, squaring off a blind magpie that had taken a liking to his sick guitar solos. Backstage she stumbled across Dylan, busting sweet licks on the saxophone and keys. However she was distracted by a cacophony of bangs coming from the bathroom and found Jasper, who had got himself trapped in a stall and saw fit to call for help in a wonderfully rhythmic fashion. Once Jasper had been freed, Jameson's magpie subdued and Dylan's solo had concluded, the crew decided to jam through the storm. And as the thunder subsided, the rumble of bass could still be heard, as the band discovered a wild Cale had appeared to complete the arrangement. And thus, Hannah Mae and the Hoodwinks was born.


Tinpan Orange, Lisa Mitchell, The Cardigans, She & Him, Kimbra

Career Highlights

Producing the 10 track original debut album Bric-a-brac at Crank Studios with Charlie Young and Lee Buddle. Launching it alongside Simone and Girlfunkle, Tashi and Sam Wylde at the Bakery in Northbridge in November 2014.
Producing Something Like Lovers with Joel Quartermain at Wastelands and launching it online in 2016.

Current Activity

Hannah Mae and the Hoodwinks are currently in the process of shooting a music video for their latest single Something Like Lovers.

Releases by Hannah Mae And The Hoodwinks




Something Like Lovers (Single)



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