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Years Active 2018 to present

Genre Rock, Electronic, Metal

Members Sylwia Bylica - vocals Grzegorz Bylica - guitars, programming, synths Paweł Bylica - drums

Describe Your Sound

This fusion of low tuned guitars, drums and sweet & girlish, yet confident, mature voice is all about emotions. You hear them, you taste them, their authenticity makes you shiver. This kind of music makes you stop whatever you were doing and listen. And – due to melodiousness – it’s a guaranteed earworm.



Paweł and Grzesiek are brothers that used to play drums and guitar together. In the meantime, Grzesiek met Sylwia. Sylwia was bored listening to brothers playing. So she joined the duo and started singing. When everyone moved to Warsaw in 2015, they began to play regularly. They played mainly covers. From the warm-up jams, the first melodies were created. The melodies have evolved into songs. In the end, there was no more time for playing covers. That's when Hepcolgum started.


The inspiration is another band member and his way of seeing music.

Career Highlights

2018 - debut EP - Would You Like to Fly?

Current Activity

Writing new songs.

Releases by Hepcolgum


Would You Like to Fly? (EP)

1024057 Records DK