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Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre Hip Hop,Experimental

Members Josh Hoppo- Guitar, piano, drums, vocals & production.

Describe Your Sound

“Hoppo on the beat, coming from Perth streets…” Hailing from the streets of Perth, Hoppo is a multi-instrumentalist who makes music with whatever he can get his hands on. Self taught at guitar, piano and drums; he records live sounds of guitar riffs, piano melodies and vocals, then fills out the sound in Pro Tools arranging original electronic beats and bass lines to create a tight yet human sounding sonic package.



Josh Hopo


I began playing music in high school, dabbling in various bands (Power Slide, Moon Rakers & others...). I played guitar in one band, drums in another, and in my spare time began learning piano. I decided to get a multi track recorder to record idea's and song's and soon became fascinated with the production side of things. I enrolled in a course at ECU to further my education of music production and since then I've been recording under the name "Hoppo." Everything you hear on my music is played by myself and recorded, mixed and mastered in my make shift home studio.


My influences are constantly changing, some days its Dr Dre, some days its the Cure. My biggest influence to date would have to be Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip though. Hearing Dan's beats made me think I too, could produce hip hop and experimental stuff. I loved how he combined piano melodies and guitar riffs, with processed electronic beats. It encouraged me to learn the art of digital music production, whilst continuing to practice guitar and piano. I believe the combination of the live human sounding instruments with the processed beats makes for very enjoyable listening.

Career Highlights

Releasing my first hard copy EP: "Hoppo & Friends" was a blast. Lots of handwork went into the mixing, mastering, artwork, track listing and such... It was a great pay off to have a hard copy of my music and be able to share it with my friends and family.. Not to mention getting airplay on Twin Cities 89.7FM and RTR FM.

Current Activity

I am working away at my next EP "Lullabies for my Lady II." A stripped back piano based album of covers.

Releases by Hoppo

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