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House Arrest

Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Punk/Hardcore, Jazz

Members Andy Storey (vox/guitar) Ben Elliot (vox/guitar) Pat Decline (Bass/vox) Sam Reed (Drums) Michelle Claire (Trumpet)

Describe Your Sound

House Arrest draw influence for their style from the 90s Third Wave Ska Movement. With crisp guitar upstrokes, walking bass lines, pop vocals and tasty horn lines. Their songs move from slow reggae dub numbers to fast up-tempo ska tunes.



Pat Decline / Michelle Claire


A mutual love of 90s ska drew this group together. The guys were already part of other established Perth bands when this group was formed, creating a 'super group.' Michelle was then invited to join by Andy, who had introduced her to ska while they were at high school.


Each member brings their own unique styles to the music to create an individual sound.

Career Highlights

Recording our first split EP in 2014

Current Activity

Fresh off a new release House Arrest are looking to play some great shows and continue writing original music for their next EP/album.

Shared Members With

The Decline (Pat) Being Beta (Andy) King of the Travellers (Sam) Montage of Jesus (Ben) WAYJO (Michelle)

Releases by House Arrest

House Arrest and The Sorrow Suckers

Split EP

Anchorhead Records / 2014

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