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Huge Magnet

Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Blues, Roots, Rock

Members Jay Bale Junior, Bretskii Hearn, Sloanie

Describe Your Sound

HUGE MAGNET are a new garage boogie blues band featuring gold nugget JAY BALE JUNIOR on bass/lead vocals (SNEAKY WEASEL GANG), BRETSKII ‘HOT DOG’ HEARN on guitar/vocals (SUNSHINE BROTHERS/FUNKOLA/FDEL) and SLOANDOG on drums/vocals (SUNSHINE BROTHERS/VALVOLUX/THROMBUS). The music takes some retro-inspiration from boogie blues royalty like Canned Heat, John Lee Hooker, pre-Hollywood ZZ Top and early ACDC (as well as the obligatory champagne and reefer) but is fresh and built to make every bar and juke joint on the circuit get loose.



Mutual love affair of all things boogie blues and a desire to play non indulgent and dorky blues!


Dave Hole, Matt Taylor and Chain, Paul Felton, John Meyer, Ivan Zar, Rick Steele, Bob Patient, The Push rods, The Gators, Paul Obrien and Thundershuffle

Shared Bills With

Los Coronas, Chris Russel' s Chicken Walk, Datura, The Wilds, The Floors.

Career Highlights

Surviving our first ever gig on a cold nasty night in Bunbury July 2013...phewwww!

Current Activity

About to record our second album

Shared Members With

The Sneaky Weasel Gang, Sunshine Brothers, Thrombus, Valvolux, Fdel Live, Funkola

Releases by Huge Magnet

About to record our debut vinyl!