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Hugo Vanta White

Years Active 2016-2017

Genre Experimental, Electronic, Rock

Members Hugo Vanta White

Describe Your Sound

The tracks are kind of a mixed personality with any of kind of song structure or atmosphere being allowed to run wild and not compromised to fit any expectations of genre. I’d like to the think the songs start off in one direction and then change into a different personality by the end.



I don't know what I want to do in life, so in early 2016 I decided to do a short course in music production as something completely new.


Air The Dirty Three Pink Floyd Tame Impala

Career Highlights

Being able to let go of a few songs and release them.

Current Activity

Finishing a few more tracks to then be able to release my first offical EP.

Research conducted by: Hugo Vanta White

Releases by Hugo Vanta White

Scintilla / 2017 /