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Hugo White

Years Active 2016 - present

Genre Experimental, Electronic, Rock

Members Hugo White

Describe Your Sound

Experimental, prog’ productions. a mixed personality of Alternative Rock and/or Contemporary sounds. I like the idea of things changing personality half way through. they dont really sound like a song at times, sometimes they do, they wander regardless if it sounds right or not.



Hugo White


Just somehow became interested in music in a creative way without any preconcpetion, knowledge or belief I wanted to do it. In late 2016 I decided to just put songs online just for the sake of it.


Air, The Dirty Three, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, 'Bach'

Career Highlights

Releasing a Three-Track Single.. 'Scintilla'

Current Activity

- Trying to become better and making songs. - release an offical EP by the end of this year (2017) - On the lookout for vocals & drummer maybe.

Research conducted by: Hugo White

Releases by Hugo White