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In Orbit

Years Active 2012 to current

Genre Rock, Experimental

Members Cissi Tsang - guitar, vocals, drums, keyboards. Tarik Voirin - drums, guitar, vocals

Describe Your Sound

We are a two-piece band playing heavy psychedelic rock. We combine unconventional, stop-start rhythms, layer it with some effects and shake it up to become In Orbit.



Cissi Tsang


I (Cissi) had been attempting to form a band for a while. Tarik was a good friend who happened to play drums. We joined forces, spent a few months rehearsing and then started playing gigs.


SMRTS, Like Junk, Tame Impala.

Career Highlights

Playing at the Rosemount, playing in front of hundreds at Rockingham.

Current Activity

We are in the midst of recording and refining our sound.

Shared Members With

Lillium Stargazer, P is for Pumpernickel, BurnHabit, Blackjack, Masonic Noize, Astro Lix, Living Dying, and many more.

Releases by In Orbit



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